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Our Daily Menu

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  • Neither I nor most of my colleagues participate in Facebook, and signing in there is necessary to see what your daily specials are. Can you post them at your web site, as you did at least as recently as last March?

    • The simple answer is yes. The complex answer is we have succeeded with food and recognition in the short year and a half we’ve been in existance, but failed miserably with online communications, marketing and building a worthy contact database.
      We set out with the best of intentions… and that was not to rely on Facebook as our marketing strategy.

      This week past, and probably the only reason I logged on just in time to catch your post only 2 days old, I attended a comprehensive “bootcamp” on direct email marketing campaigns, website best practices and worst practices, social networking – when and who and for what it works well, and when not. I learned a lot. Especially how we have failed.

      I have recently left my “day” job and will now give our market my full attention being responsive to our customers, fans and friends. I will use several forms of communication to be concise, informative, non-invasive, and “live” for our public in a timely and consistent manner.

      I thank you for your comments and will enter you as the first email in our freshly resurrected contact list! Be patient a little bit more, and I pledge to follow through with daily specials, announcements and a monthly or quarterly newsletter, that you will have the ability to opt in or unsubscribe or pick and choose what content you are interested in and what you are not.

    • We are working on it right now!
      So far, we have today’s specials posted under the “News” tab.

    • They are now being updated daily thank you for your patience we are working through some issues about our usage of electronic media and will continue more ways to interact with Murray Hill Market

  • It would certainly be nice if the daily specials were listed on the day they are available–the listings have been one day behind since they began appearing and are of little use in deciding whether to visit the market.

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